The Griswolds are back…

They’re bringing their wildly infectious party jams with them. Lead singer, Christopher Whitehall, says: “the band is ready to roll out the 3rd album and the music is at a whole new level.” 

 “I had to take some time off to kinda re-discover my love of music and song writing. It’s easy to get disillusioned in a band and fall under the pressure of trying to right “hits” and stay relevant. I say fuck all that, I just wanted to get back to a point where I was making songs that I loved, lyrics I could scream at the top of my lungs and music that was fucking fun to make. I feel like the band has found a way to tap into the early days when we were creating music in our bedrooms and I’m just madly in love with doing this again."

 The Griswolds will be releasing their new single ’NICE TO MEET YA! On August 30th.